How to select a good SEO agency

Which aspects to evaluate to select a good SEO agency that knows how to bring an added value based on the advice provided by Google is important.It is a topic often discussed and that sometimes sees conflicting opinions: the characteristics that a good SEO agency must have to bring a true added value to a company. This is making the quality companies like come up with the best results.

Recently, Google has published a video where it discusses the main features to evaluate to select a good SEO agency and how to proceed with the evaluation itself.We all agree that SEO plays an important role in a business strategy. Although many (often those who are not in the sector) may seem an abstract and sometimes useless discipline, paying attention to the SEO and implementing specific activities ensures good results in the medium and long term.

As Google explains, however, the first aspect to keep in mind is that the potential of a valid SEO agency depends on the quality of a business, an activity. If the company itself does not already believe in the potential of the SEO, assigning an agency to deal with it will prove to be a vain and inconclusive investment.

First point: an SEO expert does not focus only on the search engine ranking

A good SEO agency is able to suggest the best activities to implement based on the business reality that lies ahead. The primary objective of SEO professionals is to develop a strategy and carry out specific activities that go to improve the ranking of a company's website on search engines. But not only! The real SEO professionals must be able to implement a whole series of further improvements that contribute positively to the customer experience of their customers.

Selection process and assignment of an SEO agency

When interviewing the potential agency to be commissioned, a "double" interview must be conducted. That is to say that even the professionals of the potential agency must ask questions, inquire, ask for details about the company in question. What must be clear is to understand if the agency is able to have an overview and operate according to it.

Check the references

Often it is a passage that confirms both positively and negatively, the impressions I had from the interview. Verifying, through the references and case studies provided, the actual experience and the work previously carried out, allows us to understand the approach that this agency could have towards the company and the project.

Request a technical test to verify the actual capacity

To actually verify an agency's skills and competences, there is no better way to see it "on-the-job”.Request an analysis of your website and the activities that should be implemented to optimize it and improve its positioning. With an analysis of this type, an indication of activities, time and budget required, one can understand the actual potential of the professionals and, above all, the real skills.

Ultimately, SEO is a practice that requires specific knowledge and skills but, above all, time . Balancing an agency's equitable skills and medium-long term vision is the best formula that will bring added value to your company.


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